Saturday, 13 November 2010

I feel it in my fingers..

ME: Thrifted head band
zara cape
zara shirt
j brand kick flares
topshop wedges
AMY: Topshop faux fur
Topshop shoes
My vintage lace shift
My Topshop unique rucksack
Day two of my sisters celebrations... it's a three day affair.
We went to the fantastic Hannahannah for some Teppenyake- I am still so in awe of the chefs who perform this art form, i got so caught up in the moment that i didn't realise my embarrassingly loud clap had caused all the other tables to turn around and look! We then went to Tokyo for some amazing strawberry and raspberry cocktails (jokes about going from a Japanese restaurant to Tokyo ensued... gotta love fathers) This quickly turned into an impromptu night out resulting in get rich quick schemes, school girls, tears and a £40 taxi to take us 10 miles.. Day two: success.

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