Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Artist

Thomas Langman's 'The Artist' winner of 'best film' at Cannes festival is just cinematic beauty. The 20's were an impossibly magic era- Eveything was brimming with possibility, The music, The writers, The fashion and just the sheer opulence and appreciation of everything before it got saturated and watered down. I often feel I was born in the wrong decade and the 20's resinates so much of what I deem to be perfection. This movie is the first silent movie since 1935 and it looks like it may be my favourtie move of 2011- possibly all time... sometimes films just hit you, and this one got me right between the eyes!

The age of the gentleman

The age of the gentleman is rife in fashion at the moment and I have to say I am in heaven! I love a man in a tailored suit, especially when it is done to perfection (it is truly a travesty when you see an ill-fitted three piece- it burns the retinas) Patrick Grant is a man who knows his way round a suit. The designer is always impeccably turned out - he keeps it slick and simple, generally pairing a couple of colours with a pop or an accessory to add character and individuality. Men of the world- take a mental picture and adhere to his little notes... keep it simple- its all in the detail, invest in a good tailor and there are no rules- wear what works for you. Lets hope that chivalry also see's a revival- great style is good and all, but impeccable manners are the most attractive quality a man can poses.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Britains got style..

The British fashion awards are always an inspirational event- from the winners and their achievements to the red carpet and the outfits.. This year did not disappoint.. Tabitha Simmons - winner of the Emerging Talent Award for Accessories and Keira Smith Alexa Chung in 'those' Charlotte Olympia cat face pumps and Christopher Kane Spring/Summer 2012- The embellished top and slip bottom make for the perfect SS coupling. Tali Lennox in Metallic Mulberry- A good maxi is like a good friend, you may not see them all the time but when you do its like no time has passed at all! Poppy Delevingne wearing spring/summer 2012 Matthew Williamson- just look at that detailing, it has a distinctively Navajo feeling coupled with fresh nudes and lemon pallet- this is simply divine Samantha Cameron in Statement Charlotte Olympia heels and Olivia Palmero in Matthew Williamson and Topshop heels - LOVE these little numbers and they're only £75- love frugal fashion! Doing it for the boys... James Long and Henry Holland.. look at those fabulous loafers!! The more than worthy winners, noted for their outstanding contribution to British fashion included: Sarah Burton- Designer of the year- an accolade I feel was bestowed upon her due to her seamless move into creative director of Alexander McQueen. Victoria Beckham- Designer brand of the year- Say what you will about Victoria Beckham but the gal knows how to throw together a dress! She understands the importance of the female form and how to not over sexualise it. Stella McCartney- Red carpet- Her designs are just flawless and made for the likes of premiers and Gala's Alexa Chung- British Style- This is a no brainer really, 'The Chung' as I now like to refer to her, single handedly sparked an army of 'shaggy Ombre bob's' the country over and made 'preppy' cool again, all the while maintaining her quirky cool. Cannot get mad with that! Full list of winners are here

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Do it like a dude....

Just a little project I am doing for a feature. Task: wear three different outfits incorporating items of clothing belonging to a male that I know. Result: Three new items added to my wardrobe, with or without consent. Using a Jumper of my boyfriends, this shirt belonging to my brother and this jacket: my fathers- I went on my merry way. I have never been adverse to boyfriend dressing.. we all love a good oversized blazer or t-shirt, but this project was building a whole outfit around these three garments- as a way to adhere to sustainable fashion. Eco-clothing fads come thick and fast- 'swishing' being the most recent- I like the idea but the thought of someone else rifling through my- albeit discarded- clothes makes me want to cry, and I'm not sure I have the energy to sift through the inevitable tat and swap it for my lovingly used clothes. So opting for something a little closer to home- that 'jumper when I'm cold' or 'shirt to sleep in' have become wardrobe staples. Men do have their uses ;)


Twin Parallel from Justin Anderson on Vimeo.

*Video overload alert* I have been surfing the viral web and just cannot stop posting these videos- It's like my fingers have video tourettes! Jayne Pierson is personal favourite of mine (I know, one of many) an extremely forward thinking designer- Her collections have been championed by people such as La roux, Alexa Chung and Catherine Roitfeld in Vogue and Harpers Bazarr. Her designs are both innovative and completely irrelevant to any trend or period in time- true stylistic content (and don't even get me started on the structure?!) This video is a collaboration Pierson did with Justin Anderson to showcase her SS12 collection. I don't need to mention how much I adore the composition and screen shots but the styling... oh the styling. The muted colours, the reference to french renaissance, the complex simplicity... I may need a moment. Kind of reminds me of the Rodarte for Opening ceremony AW11 campaign I posted here. *swoon*

Christian Louboutin- Dancer in a Daydream

I love Christian Louboutin, not very original I know but if it ain't broke, don't fix it right? Louboutin has mastered the art of the shoe- arguably one of the most well known and revered icons within the fashion industry, his shoes are coveted the world over; that crimson sole instantly takes you to a place of luxury and opulence- very few brands have that kind of direct correlation to their identity. This video was released over a year ago and I just stumbled across it again, urging me to post it. Christian Louboutin is so cute, his little face coupled with his slightly awkward dancing makes my heart melt! One of the most darling virals I have ever seen- I urge you not to fall in love with him a little after watching this...

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Ri Ri really?

I'm not normally one to rubbish a collection (or collaboration for that matter)- fashion is an art form and therefor should be treat as such, subjectively, but forgive me- Rihanna's 'much anticipated' collection for Armani have been released and I must say I am marginally under-whelmed. I knew it wasn't going to be anything earth shatteringly innovative, but I expected more from Ri Ri. Cited to be "Positive with a slightly rock feel, fabulously sexy with a strong masculine edge." I get where they were coming from, but can't help and think they copped out. Renowned for her off the wall style- not quite the GaGa but the girl marches to her own beat-The line consists of two T-shirts, jeans and an underwear set - don't get me wrong, they're nice and all, and of course the wash of the jeans is fabulous and they will be impeccably cut as it is Armani after all, but I can't help but feel they reek of 'merchandise from a tour' - screen prints of her 'R' emblem and her face on a T-shirt...lazy designing in my opinion, come on Rhianna if there was ever a time to flex your fashion muscle, surely this was it? Disappointing as the sketches showed so much promise.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

On the same side...

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen can do no wrong in the Fashion world. fact. Both of similar disposition and face but so different in their own personal style- Their Elizabeth and James SS12 line is just the perfect fusion of both. Beautiful pallet accompanied by fluro pops of colour for the height of summer. Not too dissimilar from last years barrage of bright brights but with a softer, more feminine touch, graphic prints and their signature, effortless stamp...And I loves me a visor!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Big leaves, little people...

My little sister is one of the most effortlessly cool people I have ever met- unaware of her astute personal style she just executes modern day rock chic better than anyone I know. A pallet of black, grey and metal never looked so chic on someone so oblivious to their persona. This picture was just too cute not to post... holding the biggest leaf I have ever seen!!

I wanna hold your hand...

Jumper: Zara Trousers: cos Shirt: Zara Bag: Zara Shoes: Thrifted I have been listening to The Beatles a lot recently, still one of the most influential bands to ever exist- Revolver and Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band house some of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. That's probably why I was drawn to this Zebra crossing and probably why I decided it would be appropriate to walk across it a few times, consecutively *note* It was not appropriate and several drivers got rather annoyed. After finally surrendering to the fact that I wont be able to afford a pair of Alexander Wag Fabianas any time soon I took matters into my own hands and scored a very cheap pair of silver sandals on EBay- when I received them I cut off several straps and unpicked leather to create my own simple silver sandal- thrifty! Every now and then I do a little replenish of my wardrobe staples- Smart black trouser, silk mixed shirts and in this instance a rather eye catching knit with a silver finish.

Monday, 14 November 2011

The Paris wife...

photo via streetfsn There's something in a look isn't there.. I often paroose sights, photo blogs and the like and save pictures to my computer- a sin we're all guilty of I'm sure. This picture is one of my favourites- a fact I was reminded of whilst trimming the fat on my hard drive memory- it still makes me stop and stare for a good minute or so. This woman seems so self assured, confident yet slightly vulnerable as though she is waiting for someone. Her clash of prints and textures shows the experienced eye of a more mature woman whilst still portraying that she is a free spirit..

Black and gold, run the world...

Skirt: Thrifted Shirt: Zara Boots: Newlook Bag: Accessorize Bolero: Primark Every skirt has a stoy, this one has had a long and changeable life. It started out as a knee length wrap over, then to be made into a puffball and lastly a mini/midi wrap- The latter being my favourite- It is a vinel/pvc high-bread and always gets cracked out for the winter, I have yet to find a skirt that is so versitile that I have such an affliation for. This shoulder piece makes me feel like Lady GaGa or Beyonce *girls really do run the world* it was such a random find in Primark for only £8- result! Made my outfit look slightly less- Amish/morman- even if a little camp militant. These photos are a bit stagnent and leave little to the imagination but when the nights get dark so quickly you can do nothing but pose in your house like some sort of live mannequin - or maybe thats just me? either way, you kind of get the idea of the outfit. The little sisters birthday night out, well I say night out- it ended pretty abruptly with us bringing her home before 1am after consuming too many cocktails. Lessons to be learnt here kids!!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

like liquid gold...

Hat: Topshop
Skirt: Primark
Jumper: Zara
Bag: Zara
shoes: Newlook

When the mornings are dark, you grab the first thing that catches your eye- in this case a sequin bag and an equally shimmer inducing skirt- This skirt is the kind of material that just drapes off your body and *swishes* while you walk, it literally feels like you're wearing liquid gold. I love a good disco day bag- not only does it add a bit of studio 54 to an outfit (not that this needs anymore, Lamé and all) but it makes me smile when I look at it after being subjected to the dull weather! 'Tis the season to start donning hats once again- the rain is friend to no-ones hair, the only solution to this inconsiderate precipitation a good old temple topper.. found this one in a wonderful ox-blood colour whilst out on a completely unrelated afternoon with a friend, the things we find when we're not looking!

THE VERY BEST OF VERSACE for H&M Winter 2011 (Spot)

In true Donatella style (meaning she is no conventional wall flower) The Versace for H&M advert is a surrealists dream- brilliant and kooky. Models, Lindsey Wixson and Daphne Groeneveld star in the minute-long TV commercial, directed by Jonas Akerlund. Donatella controls the models, who don a variety of the collaborated outfits, with a series of ropes and marionette style puppetry. The advert ends ever so slickly with Donatella turning around and simply stating; "My house, my rules, my pleasure."

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Black and tan...

*apologies for the stern face, it would appear I am adverse to smiling in photos- must take note* Long and arduous is the search for 'The coat' many a day has been spent talking about this- with friends, boyfriend, any stranger passing by who will listen! This little number I stumbled across it whilst working on a styling job last month, but they didn't have it in the size I wanted- ain't that always the case! On a recent trip out I managed to secure the size and after a lengthy drive got the little bugger before it slipped away again - oh the lengths we will go to for love! Just what I wanted- plain and simple (my best friend and I had a lengthy chat about what we wanted in a winter coat, this ticks all the boxes!) it isn't too far from my Winter coat last year which did me well- and it was 1/3 of the price!! Coupled with a snood (another steal) and I'm as snug as a bug in a tan rug. These shoes are just my heart at the moment- they go with everything and are so comfortable I am pretty sure I could do a marathon in them!! I love the fresh feel of Black and tan- it is such an underestimated combination and I always feel positively Parisian in the 70's (not that I know what that was like- but a gal can dream!)

Fashion fades, style is forever...

Forgive a moment while I collect myself as I have been left completely dumbstruck by the news that follows... Karl Largerfeld and Carine Roitfeld - long standing friends with a well publicised relationship- I gushed here about their collaboration over the new Chanel advert featuring Freja Beha Erichsen,. It would appear that this utterly inspirational duo are releasing a book.... (cue pause for jaws to be re-attached to faces) Rumoured for a long time by non other that Roitfeld, evidence has emerged via the latest issue of V magazine that it is indeed true! The issue in question has published some images from the book, still in production, which features stylish women and men- Dakota fanning, Daphne Groeneveld and Saskia de Brauw to name a few. The shoot focuses on the iconic Chanel tweed jacket and the re-working of it *genius* styled by Roitfeld and shot by Largerfeld... I know that I am not alone when I say... I wait with breath that is baited. "This jacket is a vital and irrational impulse open to creativity and transformation," Lagerfeld explains, adding: "Especially in the hands of Carine Roitfeld."

Sunday, 6 November 2011

The kind I'd like to meet...

Pretty woman has to be an all time favourite for nearly every woman I know- The modern day fairytale of prostitute meets wealthy business man to sweep her off her feet and give her a fairytale life- not the greatest platform for women to aspire to but you get the gist non the less. I recently re-watched this little gem and let me tell you, it does not disappoint the 27th time round- The clothes, the clothes, the clothes. Not only early 90's (A well documented favourite of mine) but also an extremely wonderful variation of cuts, materials and tailoring. You can imagine my excitement. The cocktail dress- although slightly busy, has divine neck detail- The white dress- take out the pads, rid the opera gloves and add some flop to that hat- you've got yourself a variable feast for the eyes- and as for the red opera dress- well, that can stay exactly where it is.. emotional attachment prevails in this instence.

Glitter in the air...

Shirt: Burberry Jumper:H&m Trousers: Zara Bag: Zara Shoes: Primark It was only a matter of time before the high street started to mimic the glitter shoes that have taken this season by storm- The awe inspiringly beauty of the Miu Miu's I posted about here and their impossibly perfect balance of statement and festive still sends me spinning. Months ago Zara, Topshop and office started releasing their own take on the glitter trend but these little beauties are one of the best I have seen; cute, comfortable and cost effective. Hailing from non other than Primark- I have been having a lot of luck there lately, that place is like Russian roulette! An Autumnal pallet for an Autumnal climate- My love for maroon is very well documented and olive green is a welcome seasonal hue. I don't think you can ever have enough 'smart' trousers as they transcend both day and evening. A weekend involving catching up with friends, Britney Spears (so sad to see her demise but glad to see her fighting fit) and trips to see the boyfriends parents. Nothing quite like the feeling of a Vicarage on a Sunday morning while the leaves are falling and the fire burns. I can smell Christmas already, even driving home felt festive- I think I'm going to be donning an annoying 'festive spirit' this year.