Sunday, 6 November 2011

The kind I'd like to meet...

Pretty woman has to be an all time favourite for nearly every woman I know- The modern day fairytale of prostitute meets wealthy business man to sweep her off her feet and give her a fairytale life- not the greatest platform for women to aspire to but you get the gist non the less. I recently re-watched this little gem and let me tell you, it does not disappoint the 27th time round- The clothes, the clothes, the clothes. Not only early 90's (A well documented favourite of mine) but also an extremely wonderful variation of cuts, materials and tailoring. You can imagine my excitement. The cocktail dress- although slightly busy, has divine neck detail- The white dress- take out the pads, rid the opera gloves and add some flop to that hat- you've got yourself a variable feast for the eyes- and as for the red opera dress- well, that can stay exactly where it is.. emotional attachment prevails in this instence.

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