Saturday, 29 October 2011

I read it in a big book...

Coat: Top shop unique Jumper: Zara Trousers: Topshop Bag: Zara shoes: Todds Winter has officially Arrived- and with it, a barrage of chunky knits have accumulated in my wardrobe. I just cannot bring myself to deviated from these neck warmers- and this one is a particular favourite, so big that it touches my knees but once tucked in even an inch it miraculously become a very practical- albeit voluminous-jumper. I will wear these loafers until they are falling apart, which may well be soon - I don't think I will never tire from the practicality of channeling grandma chic/ pre-war chanel. Spending time with family is often underrated. There is nothing better than enjoying quality time with the people who know you the best- from one family to another; a beautiful evening with great friends makes for the perfect Saturday.

Thursday, 27 October 2011


Gareth Pugh SS12 fashion film- Conceptual and a little disturbing in places (but so was Grace Jones, and look what that ignited) - Say what you will there is no denying that this man has a wonderful mind.


Balenciaga ss12 Its all in the hat isn't it? Such an underestimated accessory, one that can add drama to any outfit, transcending different place's and times- in fantastic company, Coco herself started off as a Milliner. Balenciaga obviously got the memo- Nicolas Ghesquière revamped the 60's classic 'hat and seamless wedding dress' - I love this picture, it says so much by doing so little. Tranquil. The new hats pay homage to Balenciga's last ever published piece whilst putting a modern, sporty twist on it. Pair this with the Alexander Wang Fabiana shoe, add a cape and voila - Super hero chic! Batman who?!


Bon iver are the perfect soundtrack to my daily thoughts- this video is genius and I cannot get over the beautiful imagery.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Nothing compares to you...

Pants: Zara Shoes: Louboutin Bag: Zara Shirt: Primark *Shock* I am wearing orange- this is fast becoming my 'go to' colour in this Autumnal climate. This coat is just the perfect transeasonal piece- Not quite thick enough to be my winter warmer but just enough to only need a couple of fine layers underneath. The trousers are some woolen lovelies that I am equally as obsessed with, they also serve rather well as thermals- multi-tasking. Shoes, shoes, shoes- I will never tire of these beauties- my first ever pair of Louboutins- a love that cannot compare and shall never be matched. I am fully aware that I look slightly like Sinead O'Connor circa '93 in these pictures- A fact I was fully informed on once I met my friend for dinner, to which I cited my obsession with the 90's which was well documented here Cannot get vexed with a bit of re-worked tailoring, although I'm not sure I would look quite as good as the O'Connor with a buzz cut.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


images via Givenchy is one of the largest running couturiers in the LVMH brand.. It is no surprise with its heritage and attention to detail matched only by that of Power houses Dior and Chanel - just look at that free hand pattern cutting! Everything Riccardo Tisci puts together is inspiring and innovative- from campaigns involving armoured gilding to the first use of transsexual models- Tisci always leaves me dreaming in texture and perfect, cohesive structure. The House of Givenchy looks almost clinical- pristinely organised and yet somehow still beautifully ornate and magnificently transcendent... hanging dummies in haute couture- Like a dream of 'the virgin suicides' meets Louis the sixteenth. I love the Grandure of the doors and I can just imagine the watchful eye of Riccardo Tisci in the walls like a '1984' type two-way screen. He's always watching.

See right through me...

I am aware that a see-thru clutch is a disaster for the 'clutter mad' such as myself, but I am hoping that by acquiring such a tote it will result in me streamlining my horde of daily 'needs' that rattle around in my bag- although I'm sure every girl needs three half-used lip sills, just incase. Hermes aside, This bag really is bloody marvellous- The last time I so desperately desired such a transparent accessory was at 10-years-old when I was adamant that I have a see-thru, sea blue pencil case complete with moving dolphins in blue liquid- obviously Christophe Lemaire had the same dreams as a child- sans Dolphin.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Yellow diamonds in the Sky...

Jacket: Zara Top: Zara Skirt: Zara Boots: Ebay Bag: Mulberry Some times in life you experience moments that make you realise in one fell swoop how lucky/fortunate you are to have certain people in your life. Aside from my wonderful friends and family (I am truly blessed in that department) I have also been given a gift that I am sometimes unsure whether I am worthy of- that being my Boyfriend. I am not usually one for over personal sentiment via the public voyerism forum that is the internet, but this man is truly a spectacular person and for him I am eternally grateful. This outfit was worn on a night out with said Boyf and one of my best friends. I'm all over texture at the moment- having dabbled in leather tops (not for the sweat prone) and I love the delicate, paper-esk feel of this skirt coupled with the fluffy jumper, it all reminds me of both christmas and the Louis Vitton SS12 carosel set. Orange is always a colour I like to pop when everything else is neutral- makes me feel like I am making some kind of effort- and the boxy cut of this jacket does just enough to compliment the volume of the skirt- winter is coming so it's bye bye bare legs, oh how I shall miss thee.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Heaven is a place on earth with you...

Lana Del Rey is such a rare gem- the face of a 60's pin up, the voice of a middle aged, 20's jazz and blues singer. This song is so beautiful and harrowing- it depicts my frame of mind perfectly right now.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Sneaky Sneaky..

Sneak preview of some candids from a project I have been working on with the wonderful Carmel Hutchinson... exciting times.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Hello lover...

image via Streetfsn An Alexander Wang, Berry toned pair of fluffy lovelies at Paris fashion week.. As a general rule I don't dabble in furry feet but these change every rule in the book. Every shoe should have/needs its very own cape.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Red berry days...

Jumper: Zara Skirt: Topshop Bag: vintage Shoes: Vintage This week has been such a hectic one, finally managing a blog post! I am in the midst of a very exciting project that I shall update you on as soon as humanly possible. So, whilst on a rare break from said 'project' I thought I would share a reflective moment in my marooned state. The colour of choice is one I have completely immersed myself in for the past few months, the perfect transitional hue- perfectly dipicts my desire for the entire AW12Rodarte collection and my current yearn for winter warmth and red wine- I promise I'm not some sort of raging alcoholic! This jumper is one of my most comfortable of purchases this side of the summer- I love the chunky knit and texture. The bag has done me well- vintage is never a bad choice (thank you mother). Booties from last winter, you can never have enough ankle boots in my opinion and a lace up option always adds a more casual tone to any number of outfits.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Practically Perfect Prague..

The most beautiful weekend in one of the most beautiful city's I have ever been to.