Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Bold and beautiful...

Images via; streetfsn, style.com, jack&jill, vogue.com

Some of my favourite shots from Fashion week- Peacock your way into SS, bright is back baby!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Farewell Raf...

Images via style.com

Raf Simons shocked the fashion world last week with the news that he was leaving Jil Sander after seven years.
Where he is heading exactly is still unknown (rumors of Christian Dior are rife, but that is to be taken with a pinch of salt, heard it all before and all that) but it is known that the brands name sake is returning- an exciting twist to the story!
Although Simons has had unprecidented success in the past seven years, it's the last three seasons especially that, for me, have been some of the most inspirational colections, along with Phoebe Philo and Francisco Costa, Simons has brought simple, sexy dressing back- with pops of colour and understated individualism.
SS11 saw us all coveting that fluro pink and tangerine Orange floor length skirt- colour blocking in its purest form was ressurected.
This seasons collection is simply wonderful- every wannabe Ballerina/ Laura Ashley girls dream.
Romantic overtures of blush pink, barely there nuetrals and impeccably cut dresses - loving this panel of high- midriff baring trend we have going, first with Costa at Calvin Klein, now with Sanders- with the odd pop of brown, blue and no AW collection would be complete without a bit of metallic. I am hooked- I literally said "auighhh" whilst looking at the collection- I have never made that noise in my life!
You cannot look at this collection with anything less than lady-like, whimsical awe, whilst imagining wandering through the Versailles in the dwindling Summer.
I am overly in love with the idea of a Barbie pink AW coat- my eyes are firmly peeled.
Whatever Simons decides to do, I'm sure it will be completely divine, his legacy has been well and truely made and I look forward to his next project.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Jacket: Paris
T-shirt: Vintage
Trousers: H&M
Shoes: Zara
Clutch: Zara

If I am ever down, on any day, there is one colour that is sure to remove me from my funk... yellow.
It is such an emotive colour- powerful, and cheerful whilst still somehow keeping its cool.
I spotted this little number in Paris and ran to snap it up before my boyfriend could even see where I had gone, not that he could miss me in this bold beauty.
With the promise of sun just around the corner I couldn't resist breaking out the big guns in a bid to hurry it along a bit.
I am a massive fan of monochrome dressing, black and white epitomise effortless chic and when you find a piece that incorporates both with such ease you don't even have to justify buying it, you just come together - it's the laws of attraction.
These pants not only fulfil my monochrome needs (and a nod to 3.1 Phillip Lim) they are one of the most comfortable items of clothing I have purchased as of late, they remind me somewhat of the KAPPA track pants I was attached to as a child- hey, they were cool in 1997.
Paired with an old favourite grey T-shirt (I don't even know where this is from anymore I have had it that long, you know when you just can't throw something away, no matter how many holes you have mended.)
Along with my current favourite SBS (simple black sandals) and a black clutch that harbours much more than one would think at first glance (not helping my mission to refine bag contents at all.)

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

There's something about Mary...

images via style.com

I was just about to do an outfit post- we will come back to that later- when I was blown sideways by Mary Katrantzou's fall RTW collection and couldn't help but write about it.
*moment of composure* I have blogged about Mary a few times now, her deigns are so completely, instantly recognisable- undoubtably a visionary, her designs instil the same sort excitement as Givenchy, McQueen or Chanel... the type of collection you watch whilst holding your breath... or is that just me? come on, I can't be alone here.
This collection is just outstanding- beautiful, amphibious dresses meet futuristic geishas and 16th century fashions- enter the ruff.
This is how I see evolution happening in my head- fish to beautiful, ruff wearing space man in a graphic print.
The colours are a moveable feast of acid jewels and silky, muted, secondary hues, finished off with a pop of burnt orange for good measure.
I cannot gush enough about this collection- Katrantzou is the undisputed Queen of graphic prints and each line she releases is an evolution of the last, just imagine next season...

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Long live a legend...

As some of you will know Zelda Kaplan passed last week whilst on the FROW of Joanna Mastroianni's show at New york fashion week.
For those of you who don't, Zelda was pivtal part of the fashion and art world and a very prominant member of NY society- basically a living legend- a Gertrude Stein of the 21st century (in a dashiki.)
At 95 she was one of the most stylish and invested members of the fashion community, frequenting all shows during fashion week and regularly partying at NY night clubs as a piece of the furniture... she was the epitome of fabulous.
Her life is a colorful tapestry of luxury, glamour and philanthropy- she campaigned through Africa bringing to light the issues surrounding female genitalia mutation.
A keen activist and humanitarian, Kaplan's only other passion was fashion.
By living a life that one can only dream to aspire to- Showing that you can love and appreciate the beauty of fashion whilst still understanding the importance of giving a voice to those unable to speak out.
I for one will miss seeing the variety of African print dresses and the absolute lust for life that seemed to ooze from her very being.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Calvin Klein AW12...

images via style.com

Calvin Klein has always been idyllic to me, while some people rubbish the influence of 90's fashion or 'non-fashion' as it has been called, I champion it. Calvin Klein SS '95 is one of my all time favourite collections- if not just because of its resurrection of slip- a sea of minimalistic gowns, ankle skimming cigarette pants and parisian chic was born- along with my obsession.
Last season definitely mirrored some aspects of Klein's earlier designs, this season however at NYFW, Francisco Costa went in a slightly different direction, whilst Costa still paid homage to the minimalism of years past, he took a decidedly futuristic turn by incoporating sheer paneled cut outs, leather, metallics, peplums and shin length hem lines in leather and wool- It's nice to see daring reds on the runway for AW along with a bit of risque a skin flash on otherwise demure dresses.
Setting the tone with Perfect pieces for a minimalistic winter with an edge.