Saturday, 31 December 2011

And auld lang syne!

The second part of the Jamie Hanson shoot I did with Chris Davis ( which also made its way onto the Homotography site) For this one we decided on an 'After-party' theme which I felt was quite apt for this evening. A vintage camera, champagne and minimal clothing was the theme of this shoot- very hard work on my part. I Promise. In-light of this editorial, my own evening was filled with great friends, great food and the familiar realisation that it really isn't where you are, its who you are with- An adage that rings true in every walk of life. So whoever you were with and what ever you did, let us not waste good wishes and thoughts of kindness on one night alone- appreciate all you have and surround yourself with people you wish to see yourself with in years to come... All my love and a happy New Year... See you on the flip side! xxx

Thursday, 29 December 2011

All dressed up...

In-between Uni work, freelancing and incessant blogging, I often work with the surreptitiously talented Chris Davis of Specular- I blogged about him in detail here. Chris and I work together on all manner of projects for a number of different publications and editorials. I love to work with Chris because it means I can bring any idea I may have to life and no matter what it is, he will just let me run with it. This particular shoot was with the fantastic Jamie Hanson of Elite London models- the theme was early 1990/ 1920's (shock) with a hint western saloon bar tender/ night at the opera. We went for a three piece suit, over coat- scarf, pocket watch, pomade-esk hair and these wonderful, vintage arm garters. This was the result published and I am extremely happy with how the shots turned out, not that I had any doubts. Chris and Jamie were both flawless on the day and the energy in the air just screamed that something special was happening. Chris has the most wonderful 'aftercare' when it comes to his shots- something that many photographers overlook but the best ones realise that it can be just as important as the shot itself.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

It's out of love...

Skirt: Topshop Shirt: Primark Shoes: Primark Bag: Topshop Boxing day is arguably a bigger deal than Christmas day in my family. Being one of six and having an extended family to rival the royals, boxing day is the one day a year when we can all get together. We go to my aunties and spend the day eating, catching up, drinking, laughing, eating and playing games -- There are currently 19 people residing in my house.. getting a moment to be able to escape to the land of blogging is a welcome refuge. Donning a Gucci SS12 inspired outfit that happened to come together like an unexpected Turkey and Cranberry coupling- by that I mean the skirt and shirt were both bought separately six months apart and just happen to match perfectly.. one might call it a Christmas miracle! Still at a loose end as to what to do for New Years.. looks like it may be a nice meal with close friends, champagne and a standard game of charades- Which my sister and I dominate at- I swear it's some sort of freaky sister paradox.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all! Hope you enjoyed a wonderful day with your loved ones and got suitably spoilt by the big man xx

Friday, 23 December 2011

Italian Stallions

Moschino SS12 Valention SS12 Italian Power houses Moschino and Valentino- breath taking adverts for their SS12 collection. These two shoots encapsulate exactly what it is summer should represent, but in completely different ways. Moschino- Adventurous, powerful, playful and living life to the full. Valentino- peaceful, vivid, content and elegance. Both beautifully shot. Both equally as inspiring.

It was the night before the night before Christmas...

Its hard to beleive that Chirstmas is almost upon us, where has this year gone?! In-light of this, I (like many of you I'm sure)have spent an inordiunate amount of time pondering what I am going to wear over the festive period. Is that really shallow? Actually, don't answer that. With so many family get- togethers, parties and reasons to celebrate, the mind can't help but wonder! So far I have decided that Christmas will see me channeling a cross between Ellie Saab couture fall 2011- A full post about this collection will be done as I am just absolutely in love with it - the attention to detail, the way he seemlessly moved through the colour pallet- it's as if The Christmas angel was his point of reference. Infused with a little bit of Rosalind Russell cira 'Auntie Mame'- This film is just wonderful, the clothes, the clothes, the clothes! They will have you rooting around in your mad aunties attack- a christmas must watch! Rosalind and I also have the same hair so I take solace in that. for new years I am mostly wanting to look like this.... Gucci AW11 Or this... Ellie Saab Fall 11 The general theme is in and around the 20's (this obsession is reaching enhealthy realms now) All satin and teal with a hint of 20's glamour in the way of a dramatic stole, hair and makeup...or a detailed dress in a glamourous flapper style, layers and beading being the main point of focus. The reality of the matter is I will most likely spend all day trying to figure out what to do, eat myself into a coma and miss the whole thing- all of this taking place whilst donning a Christmas onezie.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Le belle Valli

images via Apologies for another 'trend report' but I have officially been blown away. Well, not literally, but in the figurative sense. Giambattista Valli AW12 couture collection is absolutely, unequivocally divine. The last time a collection got me like this was the McQueen ss12 collection- all that gilding and armour inspired head- wear had me feeling positively noble. Valli has officially been named a 'couturier' by the Paris'Fédération Française de la Couture, an accolade that not many modern day fashion designers/houses get bestowed upon them. Snaps for Valli *Promise I wil NEVER say that again* The gowns are dramatic and bountiful, classy statements and undeniably fantastical! The high, tudor neck- lines and more reserved dresses only add to the drama of the gowns and intricate detailing in the way of tiny flowers and textured feather skirts makes it one of the most wearable couture lines this side of the English channel. The thought of wearing any one of these gowns is enough to send any woman into a world of fantasy, I envisage, masquerade balls, banquets and a theatrical entrance from Sophia Loren.

Monday, 19 December 2011

ck one - Lara

Lara Stone in the recent CK1 campaign shot by Steven Meisel. The whole advert is only about 40 seconds long and features names such as Cassie Ventura, Pixie Geldof and Aaron Frew. They all have their own, minute long 'background' stories and I must say, Lara's is my favourite- she comes across extremely sweet- quoting Zoolander (my best friend and I's favourite film) showing her playful and down to earth side... and of course, she looks beautiful- Gotta love that gap! The short film is introducing a new generation to the iconic brand, reviving the 90's grunge feel - a' la Moss. hotties in under-pants- will never get old.


Phillip Lim- not only released arguably my favourite SS12 line this year- maybe even ever- as mentioned here but his pre-fall 12 line is just a dream. Inspired by super-heros and neo-noir comics such as Sin City, Bad ass and Superman, the tongue in cheek 'KA- POW!' prints instill a bit of Superpower attitude into an every- day garments- that 'Hero' bag or 'Power' shoe just took on a whole new meaning. The colour pallet is warm with autumnal hues and cape-like, chiffon layers- not to mention the perspex.. I have already gushed all over this little beauty! Elegant, ladylike shoes, keeps the tone feminine and deters it from creeping into 'comic book guy' from the Simpsons territory. I may now finally realise my childhood dream of being Wonder-woman- even if only in the way of a Primary coloured, graphic bag that excliams 'BANG!'