Tuesday, 27 December 2011

It's out of love...

Skirt: Topshop Shirt: Primark Shoes: Primark Bag: Topshop Boxing day is arguably a bigger deal than Christmas day in my family. Being one of six and having an extended family to rival the royals, boxing day is the one day a year when we can all get together. We go to my aunties and spend the day eating, catching up, drinking, laughing, eating and playing games -- There are currently 19 people residing in my house.. getting a moment to be able to escape to the land of blogging is a welcome refuge. Donning a Gucci SS12 inspired outfit that happened to come together like an unexpected Turkey and Cranberry coupling- by that I mean the skirt and shirt were both bought separately six months apart and just happen to match perfectly.. one might call it a Christmas miracle! Still at a loose end as to what to do for New Years.. looks like it may be a nice meal with close friends, champagne and a standard game of charades- Which my sister and I dominate at- I swear it's some sort of freaky sister paradox.

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