Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Gandy pandy pudding and pie, kissed the girls....

(image via GQ.com) A beautiful image of a man who has encompassed all that is quintessentially British whilst at the same time appearing effortlessly suave, all in one fell sweep.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Fowl and fancy

Georigio Armani's AW 11/12 campaign is so inspiring. I love the way in which the lines between the two genders have been blurred whilst still maintaining the quintessential aspects of beauty each sex possesses, such as the sensuality of the woman and the powerful presence of the man. I am extremely partial to a bit of androgyny in the morning, and the white out eyebrows and peroxide hair is a particular favourite of mine.. Modern alien chic with a touch of old school glamour. Feathers and snakeskin is the kind of animal clash I can really get down with.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Prayers with Norway

It is at times like these we need to unite more than ever as such a beautiful,proud and peacful Country experiences such pain and loss. Thoughts and prayers to all those effected by this life shattering tragedy.

Amy Winehouse - the shape of a generation

It is such a tragedy that such an amazing talent could not find the strength to appreciate her blessings. Thoughts and love to all that have been affected and continue to be affected by such demons.

And they all lived together in a little row boat

I have finally found a boater hat that doesn't A. make me look like my namesake 'Madeleine the french orphan' Although i am rather partial to the idea of a romanticised existence in Paris or B. make my head look like a pea. I found this little beauty on the off chance whilst walking past one of my favourite charity shops -I am an extremely avid charity shop trawler, I always find the best things in there for so much cheaper than the 'vintage' ones, there seems to be more of a story behind the garments also. This particular hat i secured for £2- you couldn't make it that cheap - to quote my mother. It went perfectly with my riviera type outfit I was channeling in the vein attempt to allure a bit of the Italian magic back into my life *sigh* You cannot get, in my humble opinion, better smoothies than that from 'Olive and Bean' in Newcastle- fresh fruit, non of the rubbish. perfect

Friday, 15 July 2011

Gay Paris....

Paris Hilton is virtually unrecognisable in her recent spread for V magazine. I have to say, I am loving everything about it- the hair, the bondage, the slightly spaced out look in her eyes- reminds me of Bridget Bardot. One night in Paris never looked so good (I'm sorry, that was an awful pun and I am suitably ashamed of myself) This is just how I like my heiresses: fashion forward, sleek, and just a little bit tongue in cheek.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

white on white

(images via SOLID-UNCOATED) Jill Sander New York store- I think I could easily justify the cost of a trip to New York if only to visit the Jill Sander store- Sleek, simple and so very tasteful- just like her clothes. The SS11 collection against such a pristine back ground makes for the perfect canvas in which to showcase the collection. The last time I had such an overwhelming urge to imitate architecture was Colin Firths House from 'A Single Man' - re-visited that gem the other day and it is such an inspirational piece of film, his organisational skills are something to behold, I feel I could maybe benefit from a brief lesson in such an organised existence.

Monday, 11 July 2011

I'd rather be a comma than a full stop

Top: Zara Slip: M&S Shoes: Jimmy Choo Bag: Milan My beautiful little sister graduated today and luckily the weather held out for the ceremony! Sporting some kind of Wiley hair-do, the humidity at the moment equates to my hair doing the curly dance. I could not possibly pass this amazingly coloured garage door without posing for a photo - I have subsequently swapped seedy alleyways for garage doors- this in no way reflects me as a person. I promise. Have been living in shin length numbers and barely there materials for the past 6 months- no sign of that letting up any time soon, I am convinced that if i continue to dress in this manner then the weather may reciprocate in the way of heat! I have had these shoes for almost 5 years now- Purchased in the Selfriges Christmas sale in 2007- they have since lent extremely well to my affinity for metallics and all things shiny!

It Gets Better

Google Chrome have released a series of absolutely amazing adverts- they're beautiful, touching and inspiring. This is just one advert from the series of three. It does get better xxx

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Let it Shine

Alexander Wang and Philip Lim AW11 Ready to wear (images via style.com) Metallic is rockin my world in a major fashion at the moment- you cannot get vexed with an item of clothing that can double up as an aid to makeup application. Alexander Wang and Phillip Lim lead the way in the reflective revolution in their AW11 ready to wear collections- Both collections embody all of my favourite elements- simplicity, Tailoring, sheer materials (love a bit of nipple) and a somewhat 'devil may care' approach. Sales of aluminum are about to go through the roof- I wonder how many rolls I will need to fashion some sort of full body ensemble, complete with matching clutch and brogues?

Monday, 4 July 2011

You're my favourite...

Eternally Chic: floral sofas, vintage trunks,crocodile clutch, grey sweatshirt, cigarette pants, moleskin diaries, crocodile clutch, vintage Rolex, Chanel perfume, perfect oxford shirt, penny loafers, Burberry trench, top knot, vintage Kodak Brownie cameras, old books, poetry, fresh white sheets, Faber-Castell stationary, Nikon.