Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Don't be a drag just be a queen

So as promised here are some shots from the fashion show I styled on Sat. It was for the Miss Newcastle finalists and the girls were all absolutely beautiful and a lot of fun.
The idea was ethereal make-up and hair, so fresh faced and fly-away with a chic, Parisian 70's style resort wear. Had a few hiccups due to five girls turning up unexpectedly and me having to pull ten outfits out of my arse!
However, considering i only had three days to turn the whole thing around I'm happy with the results and the next one will be better, always improving!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Tom Ford

Tom ford is just impeccable isn't he?
No one executes, style, taste and glamour as perfectly as he.
I love this clip, it just captures exactly the tone of his collection and vision *double swoon*
I am styling a fashion show at the moment (and still impending my computers return to my life sans virus) So I have been running around town like a headless chicken trying to secure 36 outfits from stores that are reluctant to lend them out - previous fashion shows have left a sour taste in their mouths- but after some sweet talking and pulling every string I had in my repertoire I finally got all I needed, whilst infusing some of my own wardrobe- the Carrie skirt is sold out everywhere so I shall sacrifice mine for one evening.
I have a new found admiration for the people behind the scenes, it's a 24/7 job trying to organise, fittings, hair and makeup for 12 girls via phone, text and email. Still, could quite happily do it for the rest of my days, It marry's all the things I love so dearly, fashion, artistic vision and beauty.
Pics of the event, models and backstage will be posted ASAP after the show on saturday.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Magnetic magic

Oh, and how could I not mention kate Moss in may's Nippon vogue- proof our gals still got it.
What 'it' is I'm not entirely sure of, some sort of magnetic, muse- like, enigmatic attraction.

Updated and Elated

So my computer has contracted some sort of virus! :( it has wiped every last file: pictures, articles et al! To say I am devastated is an understatement, I am literally in a comatose haze.
Taking it to a technical doctor on Monday to try and save her!
Have managed to steal a few moments on my sisters laptop - she is so busy doing dissertation stuff- and Wanted to post a few things before I forget them...
Firstly: Giuseppe Zatonetti shoes that I simply must have but due to the fact I have opted to go to Italy for three weeks will have to remain on my lust list *sigh*
Secondly: Aforementioned trip to Italy, to say I am excited is an understatement (a lot of understatements today)
Me and my best friend are embarking on a mini- tour covering, Verona, Venice, Florance, Rome and Milan - have subsequently been immersing myself in Italian themed visual stimulation mainly in the way of film via: Death in Venice, la dolce vita, Before sunrise and Amadeus.
Thirdly: Happy birthday Anna Dello russo- your fabulousness should not be limited to being celebrated on one day alone- your fearless take on fashion, lust for life and the inspiration you ignite within others is second to non and you make the world a more amorous place just by being you, but if we must; no better way than with a montage of your most fantastic photos.