Saturday, 9 April 2011

Updated and Elated

So my computer has contracted some sort of virus! :( it has wiped every last file: pictures, articles et al! To say I am devastated is an understatement, I am literally in a comatose haze.
Taking it to a technical doctor on Monday to try and save her!
Have managed to steal a few moments on my sisters laptop - she is so busy doing dissertation stuff- and Wanted to post a few things before I forget them...
Firstly: Giuseppe Zatonetti shoes that I simply must have but due to the fact I have opted to go to Italy for three weeks will have to remain on my lust list *sigh*
Secondly: Aforementioned trip to Italy, to say I am excited is an understatement (a lot of understatements today)
Me and my best friend are embarking on a mini- tour covering, Verona, Venice, Florance, Rome and Milan - have subsequently been immersing myself in Italian themed visual stimulation mainly in the way of film via: Death in Venice, la dolce vita, Before sunrise and Amadeus.
Thirdly: Happy birthday Anna Dello russo- your fabulousness should not be limited to being celebrated on one day alone- your fearless take on fashion, lust for life and the inspiration you ignite within others is second to non and you make the world a more amorous place just by being you, but if we must; no better way than with a montage of your most fantastic photos.

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