Saturday, 31 December 2011

And auld lang syne!

The second part of the Jamie Hanson shoot I did with Chris Davis ( which also made its way onto the Homotography site) For this one we decided on an 'After-party' theme which I felt was quite apt for this evening. A vintage camera, champagne and minimal clothing was the theme of this shoot- very hard work on my part. I Promise. In-light of this editorial, my own evening was filled with great friends, great food and the familiar realisation that it really isn't where you are, its who you are with- An adage that rings true in every walk of life. So whoever you were with and what ever you did, let us not waste good wishes and thoughts of kindness on one night alone- appreciate all you have and surround yourself with people you wish to see yourself with in years to come... All my love and a happy New Year... See you on the flip side! xxx

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