Tuesday, 21 February 2012

There's something about Mary...

images via style.com

I was just about to do an outfit post- we will come back to that later- when I was blown sideways by Mary Katrantzou's fall RTW collection and couldn't help but write about it.
*moment of composure* I have blogged about Mary a few times now, her deigns are so completely, instantly recognisable- undoubtably a visionary, her designs instil the same sort excitement as Givenchy, McQueen or Chanel... the type of collection you watch whilst holding your breath... or is that just me? come on, I can't be alone here.
This collection is just outstanding- beautiful, amphibious dresses meet futuristic geishas and 16th century fashions- enter the ruff.
This is how I see evolution happening in my head- fish to beautiful, ruff wearing space man in a graphic print.
The colours are a moveable feast of acid jewels and silky, muted, secondary hues, finished off with a pop of burnt orange for good measure.
I cannot gush enough about this collection- Katrantzou is the undisputed Queen of graphic prints and each line she releases is an evolution of the last, just imagine next season...


  1. This has to be one of my favourite collections by Mary Karantzou, you write beautifully and have really captured the essence of the designs, Brava xx