Sunday, 23 October 2011

Yellow diamonds in the Sky...

Jacket: Zara Top: Zara Skirt: Zara Boots: Ebay Bag: Mulberry Some times in life you experience moments that make you realise in one fell swoop how lucky/fortunate you are to have certain people in your life. Aside from my wonderful friends and family (I am truly blessed in that department) I have also been given a gift that I am sometimes unsure whether I am worthy of- that being my Boyfriend. I am not usually one for over personal sentiment via the public voyerism forum that is the internet, but this man is truly a spectacular person and for him I am eternally grateful. This outfit was worn on a night out with said Boyf and one of my best friends. I'm all over texture at the moment- having dabbled in leather tops (not for the sweat prone) and I love the delicate, paper-esk feel of this skirt coupled with the fluffy jumper, it all reminds me of both christmas and the Louis Vitton SS12 carosel set. Orange is always a colour I like to pop when everything else is neutral- makes me feel like I am making some kind of effort- and the boxy cut of this jacket does just enough to compliment the volume of the skirt- winter is coming so it's bye bye bare legs, oh how I shall miss thee.

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