Tuesday, 25 October 2011


images via www.givenchy.com Givenchy is one of the largest running couturiers in the LVMH brand.. It is no surprise with its heritage and attention to detail matched only by that of Power houses Dior and Chanel - just look at that free hand pattern cutting! Everything Riccardo Tisci puts together is inspiring and innovative- from campaigns involving armoured gilding to the first use of transsexual models- Tisci always leaves me dreaming in texture and perfect, cohesive structure. The House of Givenchy looks almost clinical- pristinely organised and yet somehow still beautifully ornate and magnificently transcendent... hanging dummies in haute couture- Like a dream of 'the virgin suicides' meets Louis the sixteenth. I love the Grandure of the doors and I can just imagine the watchful eye of Riccardo Tisci in the walls like a '1984' type two-way screen. He's always watching.

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