Saturday, 29 October 2011

I read it in a big book...

Coat: Top shop unique Jumper: Zara Trousers: Topshop Bag: Zara shoes: Todds Winter has officially Arrived- and with it, a barrage of chunky knits have accumulated in my wardrobe. I just cannot bring myself to deviated from these neck warmers- and this one is a particular favourite, so big that it touches my knees but once tucked in even an inch it miraculously become a very practical- albeit voluminous-jumper. I will wear these loafers until they are falling apart, which may well be soon - I don't think I will never tire from the practicality of channeling grandma chic/ pre-war chanel. Spending time with family is often underrated. There is nothing better than enjoying quality time with the people who know you the best- from one family to another; a beautiful evening with great friends makes for the perfect Saturday.

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