Friday, 4 November 2011

There's something about Miu Miu...

I like to think I'm not 'the mark' when it comes to fashion fads/trends. Having my own preferences of tailoring, materials and cuts I generally stay true to my own style and merely infiltrate tidbits of current trends and seasonal 'it' items...That was until Miu Miu came along and rubbished my whole being. The Glitter boot is an item that I have completely fallen head over heels for(excuse the pun)and I am not ashamed to say it, in fact I am ready to immerse myself in a life of glitter and sparkle- cue full body glitter suit a la Britney 'toxic' Spears.. These boots are completely impractical, only go with about 40% of my wardrobe and are so 'of this season' that in 6 months they will look dated and sooo 'AW2011' Even with all this working against these glimmering bootis they still haunt my dreams. weighing in at £555 that's only a months worth of my livelihood right?

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