Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Ri Ri really?

I'm not normally one to rubbish a collection (or collaboration for that matter)- fashion is an art form and therefor should be treat as such, subjectively, but forgive me- Rihanna's 'much anticipated' collection for Armani have been released and I must say I am marginally under-whelmed. I knew it wasn't going to be anything earth shatteringly innovative, but I expected more from Ri Ri. Cited to be "Positive with a slightly rock feel, fabulously sexy with a strong masculine edge." I get where they were coming from, but can't help and think they copped out. Renowned for her off the wall style- not quite the GaGa but the girl marches to her own beat-The line consists of two T-shirts, jeans and an underwear set - don't get me wrong, they're nice and all, and of course the wash of the jeans is fabulous and they will be impeccably cut as it is Armani after all, but I can't help but feel they reek of 'merchandise from a tour' - screen prints of her 'R' emblem and her face on a T-shirt...lazy designing in my opinion, come on Rhianna if there was ever a time to flex your fashion muscle, surely this was it? Disappointing as the sketches showed so much promise.

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