Monday, 14 November 2011

Black and gold, run the world...

Skirt: Thrifted Shirt: Zara Boots: Newlook Bag: Accessorize Bolero: Primark Every skirt has a stoy, this one has had a long and changeable life. It started out as a knee length wrap over, then to be made into a puffball and lastly a mini/midi wrap- The latter being my favourite- It is a vinel/pvc high-bread and always gets cracked out for the winter, I have yet to find a skirt that is so versitile that I have such an affliation for. This shoulder piece makes me feel like Lady GaGa or Beyonce *girls really do run the world* it was such a random find in Primark for only £8- result! Made my outfit look slightly less- Amish/morman- even if a little camp militant. These photos are a bit stagnent and leave little to the imagination but when the nights get dark so quickly you can do nothing but pose in your house like some sort of live mannequin - or maybe thats just me? either way, you kind of get the idea of the outfit. The little sisters birthday night out, well I say night out- it ended pretty abruptly with us bringing her home before 1am after consuming too many cocktails. Lessons to be learnt here kids!!

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