Sunday, 14 November 2010

Party like a Rock star

Finally the last instalment of my sisters birthday bonanza! We had an 80's themed party (originally 80's rock star, but everyone wanted to come as kiss so we scrapped it) It was an extremely messy affair and i woke up with pot noodle in my hair... suffice to say it was a good one.
Absolutely amazed by some of the outfits, people went all out! check Mr T and Maggie Thatcher!!! My costume fell through last minute so I went as Adam Ant, this took little to no effort on the outfit front and i don't know what that says about my wardrobe as i had all the ingredients to create a camp pirate in no time at all.
75% of the people there realised who i was, the other 25% thought i was just an extrovert with a white line on my face and string in my hair.... and I'm OK with that.

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