Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Lavinder for secrets..

thrifted headband
vintage chanel necklace
topshop knit
zara trousers
topshop loafers
vintage bag
As i have mentioned in previous posts i am sort of obsessed with the idea of being an inspector gadget/farrah fawcett love child.
However, i totally neglected to mention how much i love a loafer/brogue/trouser combo.
This is pretty much my go to outfit when i have long days at uni looming.
Knuckle duster rings is no new feat, although i think i tend to look more like a gypsy than most, partly because i have a huge penchant for gold (silver makes me look like a lesbian pirate) which, when coupled with my love of hats/ turbans/ other head dresses, all seems to scream:
"buy some lavinder and i'll tell you your fortune"

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