Thursday, 18 November 2010

My heart belongs to daddy

Just returned from my reading week in London. Spent my days wandering from one end of the city to the other; Tate modern to see Ai Weiweis exhibition of 100 million sunflower seeds.. the sheer scale of it was mind blowing!! My friend and i then continued for to look at the rest of the exhibitions and exploded into fits of giggles at pieces of clay that looked like feces (i know, soo mature) We then wandered over to Soho, picking up books from a vintage market, browsing seedy sex shops, in which i witnessed some of the most explicit imagery i have ever seen and stopping for numerous amounts of coffees along the way. Ended the evening with frozen yogurt.
The next instalment of culture central was the V&A and the national history museum, the room full of natural pyrite and rocks brought upon a serious spout of inspiration and i have decided to start a new project with them as my reference... more to follow on that!
The most perfect bag that also happens to be a historical relic

I will continue to covet the front panels of this dress

My last night consisted of Dim sum in Knights bridge and meeting up with friends for cocktails in Eclipse in South Kensington. Oh London how i love thee, until next time mi amore xx

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