Thursday, 23 December 2010

And the love kick starts again...

My friend Elliot (of Example fame) came to Newcastle last week and after his gig we all went out.
They had to get on their tour bus at 2am but we were having so much fun that they decided to push it back until 3....this then resulted in an impromtu proposal from myself, that Elliot and his whole band crash at my pad and my friend Rachelle and I would drive them to Glasgow in the morning, where there gig was.
Now we all say things when we're drunk that seem like the best idea in the world but no one ever really expects them to come off, this one did.
Needless to say we didn't get to sleep until 8am and although I was up and ready (but probably still over the legal limit to be able to navigate a vehicle) the show was cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.
Poached egg sandwiches ensued and I dropped them at the train station instead of Glasgow.
Note to self: Must not remove lucky rabbits foot from ones butt.

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