Friday, 17 December 2010

Only by the night...

As my friend and I are both studying fashion/ photography/ writing type subjects we often have spontaneous photo sessions involving concepts we have been fantasising about and outfits you want to wear all the time but don't because it would a) be socially unacceptable and b) just plain unpractical.
This was one such instance. It involved sneaking around a grave yard at 11pm whilst freezing my tata's off, painted on tattoos, PVC trousers, black material bound into a makeshift bandage like top and enough backcombing to put Cheryl Cole to shame.
The last picture is a direct result of trying not to move as a bunch of teenagers armed with white lightening cider rode past on a collection of bikes and scooters... they work like bears, if you don't move they can't see you.
The result: She wolf in the night.

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