Thursday, 24 February 2011

Honey nut berry

Shirt: Top shop
Trousers: Zara
Bag: mulberry
Shoes: Zara
I wore this outfit for a charity boxing match, which by the way is no where near as brutal as it sounds. It was a rather civilized affair and we spent the whole time on our own table eating the free desserts and drinking champagne, I'm sure there were some fights going on somewhere!
I'm slowly infiltrating some of my newly acquired summer garments into my wardrobe, building up to those acid brights and white, whites ala Sander and co!
Another one of my Christmas buys, a patient leather mulberry bag/laptop case in a yummy berry maroon, that miraculously changes colour to purple in the sun , you can sort of see what I mean in the second to last picture. Magical Mulberry.
I love any sort of material that just drapes on the body and these extra long trousers and shirt do exactly that, just the right amount of cling and just enough swing (Oh Jesus, I'm rhyming now).

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