Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Little pieces of me

Photos courtesy of Jak&Jil, StreetFSN, Facehunter
Ok so as I couldn't be there myself, this post is literally me stealing epic photos from other blogs during Paris fashion week (what's new; story of my life is collecting photos and recycling them)
The colour blocking trend is in full swing and I'm loving seeing all the varied takes on it, from full on primary blocking to little hints of neon, anything goes as they use all the crayons in their box (little SATC reference for ya there ;)
I cannot explain how much I love all things tailored and sartorial- I think if I use the term 'effortlessly chic' one more time on this blog I will ban it from my vocabulary, but that's exactly the look that sends me dizzy with delight.
Either way I want to be as pensive as the beautiful woman in front of the Cathedral and at the same time Anna dello Russo at the exact moment her picture was taken, how fun does she look?

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