Friday, 24 June 2011

Girls run the world- Versace for H&M

Donatella donning a dress from her collection at Milan fashion week. Another big hitter collaborating with high street heavyweight H&M (A bit of alliteration for you there) Despite Donatlla previously stating that, by collaborating with high street brands it sends the wrong message to the luxury brands consumers, it seems the winds of change hit her in the midst of a recession (the success of former collaborator- Jimmy choo, Stella McCartney, Karl Largerfield and Lanvin may of had some influence in her decision) The collection will be a few key pieces of clothing, shoes and lifestyle- paying homage to the brands original identity- so expect leather, colour prints and studs to be rocked. If H&M's other collaborations are anything to go by then the range looks to be sold out within hours of its launch on November 19th- elbows at the ready girls! Collaborations like this are integral to the fashion industry; it opens up the brand to a whole new demographic- something that is so important with the ever-expanding influenece 'ordinary joes' have on public domain's, blogs etc.. plus it gives us mere mortals a chance to own a piece of designer clothing on a budget- I say budget, still a good chunk of your monthly wadge packet- but it's a piece of history, an investment, a one off that will lend itself to your wardrobe like a piece of art .... I can go all day with these justifications.

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