Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sing a song of Saunders

images via I always eagerly await Jonathan Saunders' collections. I love how he just seems to 'get' the female form and always manages to compliment it in the most unexpected ways, be it with a colour pallet, material or cut. His show at NY fashion week did not dissapoint- he successfully made me want every single item on the catwalk (not that it's hard with me- I'm like a magpie when it come to the Saunders) The prinited silks are inspired with polka dots and colours seeming to correlate with the sky and sealine in the hight of the summer which brought with them a fresh take on 'Housewife Chic'- just makes you want to lie on a beach sipping on an inappropriatly named cocktail. Shin-length hem lines show no signs of letting up, so get comfortable and enjoy the money you will save on razors! I love a good slip and jumper combo- the kind of thing I love the wear in the mid-seasons and the barely there materials are perfect for layering and cling to the body just perfectly. Oh Jonathan!

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