Tuesday, 6 December 2011

When the little blue bird, who never said a word starts to sing...

One downside to spending most of your time creeping around the internet (apart from the fact you loose hours of your life) is that you're always pre-empting a season- chasing the dragon and never fully satisfied with what is in your midst. I get clothes envy when I see the new collections and feel like I want to be wearing them now- somewhat like a petulant child in Charlie's chocolate factory. Gucci's neon SS12 collection almost had me reaching for my neons and baring my legs to the world (note I said almost.. I didn't as it is minus degrees outside and I ain't no nutter!!) Impeccably made, still with a nod towards the snakeskin trend and texture- boxy jackets with a slick and clean 'sporty luxe' vibe-just how I like my spring. Spring being fresh is no revolutionary idea, symbolic of a 'rebirth' what with all blooming flowers and what not, but amidst a sea of aqua marines and tulle infused candy's, a neon pop is always a welcome addition. **Must focus on the fact that it is nearly christmas and take full advantage by donning as many jumpers as possible before i slip into a sorbet enfused coma!**

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