Thursday, 19 January 2012

Sacred Heart...

Suit: H&M
Shoes: Dune
Top: Zara
Bag: chanel

Paris was simply wonderful. I have over 1,000 photos to go through so please excuse the delay in posting them.
This was one of my favourite days, the Sacre Coeur is just divine, so peaceful and situated just so on the summit of the butte Monmartre, it serves as a beacon of beauty and sanctuary in a chaotic world.
This suit is one I brought before Christmas and have been waiting for the perfect place to wear it, and if Paris isn't the perfect place then where is?
An unashamed homage to the Celine SS12 floral perfection- its the type of suit that makes you feel as though you should be in a Mario Testino spread (I am bypassing the fact that I am neither a super-model nor wearing couture... but it's a dream, so I'm aloud to pretend.)


  1. You look fantastic
    I love the colors and the shoes <3

  2. Thank you sweet! Do you have a blog? Xx

  3. Wow so amazing! The outfit is perfect. Love your blog. I'm just starting out with mine I'd love if you visited and follow <3
    Keep up the lovely fashion inspiration!! I will be stopping by often ^_^

  4. Thank you lovely, Your blog is great! x

  5. hello! i found you through fashionbloglove on the post that we both were featured in!! I love paris, it is the perfect place that you saved the outfit to wear there. :)


    1. Hello lovely- I didn't even know about the feature, that's great!
      Thank you for stopping by, your blog is beautiful xx