Monday, 30 January 2012


Trench: Burberry
Top: Zara
Bag: Cos
Shoes: Asos
Dress: Topshop boutique

Lack of technology has forced me to beg, borrow or steal a few moments on friends and family's computers... I am also inundated with Uni work, all this has resulted in my lack of posting, so apologies all round.
For now I will leave you with a bit of a pastel party...As we ascend into warmer climates (supposedly) I am finding it harder to accept that our summers are getting shorter and shorter. So in light of this, I have taken it upon myself to wear my Spring/Summer wardrobe anyway (I'm sure a lot of you have adopted the same attitude.)
With sherbet colours dominating collections, it is all you can do not to get tooth ache whilst imagining all the different ways you can wrap yourself in sugar spun hues.
Channeling a Lady like/sporty highbred take on pastels, donning my old faithful Burberry trench (which has to have been my all time best purchase in the price per wear stakes) my bargain bag and a last season shoe with a pop of yellow on the front and back insole.
I cannot wait for the sun to finally slice through the frost and the streets to become awash with all manner of pixie stick shades and impossibly perfect chiffons and silks.


  1. Yes!! I have adopted the same attitude! :) Very chic!

  2. Such pretty colors, you have great style! :)

  3. Thank you ladies- if the sun won't play out then at least we will ;) xx

  4. You have amazing style, love it! Your writing is really witty & enjoyable to read :) x

  5. Thank you Celina, you're very sweet :) xx