Friday, 3 February 2012

Beauty's where you find it...

Lana Del Rey recently recieved one of the highest of accolades within fashion publication... gracing the cover of Vogue.
Now I am a massive fan of the Del Rey, I fell in love with her voice last year when she melted onto the scene with that harrowing, raspy tone that you thought only existed in 1930's movies (at this point my mind drifts to a floor length number, in a dimly lit bar with table lamps and smoke in the air.)
Despite the heart melt- I can't help but think that maybe it is a bit premature?
I'm not denying that Lana is absolutely beautiful- a sort of hill billy, Jessica rabbit cross- and I cannot get over how much she looks like a young Mena Suvari, all bow lipped and blue eyed- but the Vogue cover is a much coveted position.
It is a trophy, a beacon of your success, talent and beauty - something that few people attain and by having this honour bestowed upon you, you instantly become a part of history - with fantastic company in tow.
The most iconic covers- or at least the ones that stick in my head- are that of the super model, the absolutely beautiful, inspirational models of the 90's and early 00's - the type that made you dream of becoming a super model, regardless of realistic attainability.
This is how I like my covers stars, real-life muse's.

Too soon, too contrived, whatever the debate- I can tell you one thing, Alexandra Shulman sure knows how to commision a stunning shot.


  1. Interesting thought... Let's see if she can hang in there!

  2. Hopefully! I would hate for her to be a flash in the pan! X