Monday, 13 February 2012


When asked to do styling jobs it is normally for a company, event or agency, so I very rarely get to flex my 'artistic muscles' - by that I mean I have a brief to adhere to and don't have too much leeway as the client is always right (even when they're not).
That's why, when I was asked to style this project and was told 'Just do what you want' I got all excited and started trawling markets, charity shops and costume shops straight away!
This became a sort of passion project that I did with the impossibly beautiful Lizzie Robson and the wonderfully talented Marie Harkness they were both accomidating (when I turned up with a pink wig, tins of paint and rolls of material) and also massively enthusiastic.
I have been wanting to get my Picasso on for a long time- I love to play around with paints and this was so much fun- I made a dress out of some ribbon and stiff netting that I found (it only just lasted the duration of the shoot) and splattered paint all over Lizzies face, hair and the make-shift dress... Is it wrong that I kind of wish the dress hadn't broken so I could wear it- I'm sure I could find somewhere appropriate to wear a see-thru, paint splattered dress...
The pink wig is something I have wanted to use for a while- Britney Spears called and wants it back - Channeling a sort of futuristic Marylin Monroe with a pastel over-tone (Don't think I have used them quite enough recently) Lizzie managed to make it look just as seductive and covetable as THAT white dress in 'The seven year itch'!
The last look, a kin to Man Ray's 'The tear drop'- is one of my all time favourtie shots.
I am obsessed with Natalie Portmans makeup in 'Star wars' kind of Alien queen meets Geisha, and wanted to modernise it with just a few necklaces and some architechtual posing.
Thank you girls for providing such an inspirational environment and for putting up with my hair brain ideas ;) Girl power and all that!


  1. Great dear :) Love the photos, but I loved the 2 first! You got it:))

  2. Oh my god, you are so sooo talented, these are amaaaaaze :)) xx

  3. Thank you ladies, it's always a great feeling when you get to do your own thing and people appreciate it! xxx

  4. These are wicked cool!!! You are beautiful and talented!!! xxx

  5. Very 'Jackson Pollock' Miss Madeleine.. love it xx