Tuesday, 3 April 2012

My old flame...

Photographer: Chris Davis
Assistant: Marie Harkness
Make up: Julie Pattinson
Art direction & Stylist: Madeleine Bowden

Another shoot collaboration with the painfully talented Chris Davis of Specular for The Sunday Sun.
This particular shoot was with actress, Lauren O'niel (of the match.com advert- "girl on the platforms smile") She was such a sweetheart and so much fun to work with.
The theme of the shoot was hollywood 1920's... so you can imagine my excitement! Composure was definitely needed when I was let loose in the department store whilst pulling clothes.
I went for glamour of the highest order with a variety of Ghost dresses that dripped off the body like molton, liquid gold (daydreams of wedding dresses ensued... don't worry, marriage is not even slightly on the cards yet, but a gal just can't help herself when faced with this kind of impossibly fitting gown.)
Smokey eyes and deep waved finger curls completed the look.
 The location was in an old Theatre in the city centre and the rooms were so grand it felt as though we were actually present 'of the time'. It was absolutely divine and probably a little more of an opportunity for me to realise my dreams of being in a Fitzgerald novel, I know, I know...


  1. Great photoshoot!!! I would love to be there. I am a fan of 1920 and those amazing decades :)

    1. Thank you lovely! Me too, 1920's is bar far one of my favourite periods. x

    2. P.s your blog has some absolutely wonderful photographs x