Saturday, 7 May 2011

Go to him.. stay with him if you can

Having a blog is like having an organised wardrobe- you need to attend to it on a regular basis or it can become un-kempt and out of date.
The lack of posts from myself lately is making me feel ashamed and awful- it is coming up to the end of my university year and what with me being a procrastinator I have an inordinate amount of assignments, so this is my excuse.... believe it??
I have just come back from my aunties wedding and it was lovely!! I love weddings, they always instill the faith back into your heart, to witness two people make a vow of ever-lasting commitment, something i think people take far too lightly these days!!
My little sister is such a beaut isn't she? And my magnificent mother is actually 60?!?! what the hell... my brother insists she is pickled from the champagne she drinks!
I spent the better part of my morning making sure my lipstick was even on each side and not on my teeth- this is no easy feat kids, my tip- Vaseline on the teeth!!! Now for a quick outfit change and the evening do!
Shall post an individual outfit post- feel its only right out of respect and all that.
p.s the cake was a fruit cake for those of you wondering- i know i always do

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