Saturday, 7 May 2011

I could drink a case of you...

Bag: Zara
Dress: Topshop boutique
Shirt: Zara
Heels: YSL Tribute
This outfit has been described by a member of the opposite sex as something his dinner nanny used to wear at primary school. If this be true then this is my new preferred profession and they're getting paid much more than they let on- YSL tributes don't come cheap!
*I must point out said male was sporting a Low-V and carrot top jeans at the time, so judgment on details may have been impaired*
In light of this commnet i have decided to call it 'Dinner lady chic'- got a ring to it don't you think?
I am over obsessed with simple lines and beautiful fabrics- i think we have covered this in my last 100 posts. just to reiterate- i like nice fabric.
This outfit ticks all of my three major boxes: simple, classic and painfully comfortable.
The pop of lipstick and bag were a happy coincidence in the matching stakes. thank you affinety for orange.
P.s sorry for the pouty pictures of the 'face' one is to show the bag and lipstick- the other is just me showing the makeup and being vein

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