Thursday, 30 June 2011

perfect pieces.

Top- Mango Trousers-Zara Shoes- Converse Bag- Milan Watch- Vintage Sunglasses- Rayban Meet my 'off duty' look- I say that like I have some sort of massively important day-to-day job. Just for the record. I don't. With the remnants of my post-travel tan hanging on with all its might! Enjoying my time off immensely, being a student gives you quite a few months to play with in the 'summer' and we have had some fantastic weather here- beach days, castle/garden walks and park lunches have ensued! This bag I got from Milan in the train station- I swear I can sniff out a well put together leather bag in a rubbish tip- It is everything I have been looking for, and failing miserably, for about 9 months- soft leather, over sized, clutch, and a sort of cream/stone/nothingness colour. This T-shirt is one of those items you have had forever and have almost thrown out during every seasonal wardrobe change but held on to it due to it's comfort/ease/versatility.(excess slashes today, not good for those who skim the text) Have a couple of birthday parties this weekend, both themed, first- America, stars and stripes... will keep you updated on that.

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