Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Show me your model face

So the 'work' continues: Styled a shoot with an amazing model- Adam Cowie of Storm models- and photographer extraurdinare, Chris Davis of Specular. I promise I did put some clothes on Adam, I like to do this thing with males models where I dress them as their being shot, that way you get body shots and natural ones as they clothe up (not just some seedy way of checking out their bods- I am a happily spoken for woman- although I could have harder 'jobs' ;) Adam was very inspiring, fantastic mover and so, so natural. I went for a European feel on most of the shots- shirts, blazers, ties, pocket square- maybe loosely inspired by my recent tryst with Italy- along with a few more casual in light weight knits and leather jackets. 'Urban Celebrity' was the main culprit in the lending of the garmz- they have just opened a new shop in Newcastle city centre and some of their stuff is just outstanding!!! Shall put up the rest of the shots once they're finished and edited.

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