Sunday, 21 August 2011

My heart beats for Love..

I love 'LOVE' magazine. I realise how kitch that may sound written down but I really do just adore this publication. It is, to me, everything an inspirational piece of print should be: beautiful, bold, inspiring and original. The current issue portrays a cleaver spin on both the military and androgonistic style of AW11 by depicting a 'Top gun'-esk series of photographs- sailors, captains and air pilots ensue. The impossibly beautiful Alessandra dons an almost unrecognisable look of a 50's war veteran. Shot by Boo George it is one of the single most inspirational takes on this trend I have seen in a long time. Makes me want big gold buttons on every piece of my clothing and a tiny sailor hat for every day use. The editorials are always exactly what I want to see, channeling current and pre-season trends but with a difference and a sense of individualism and the interviews are candid, enthralling and charming. As much as I will always be a firm devotee to that of VOGUE and ELLE, I have to say that I covet this magazine with every sense of urgency and see it more as 430 page mood board of inspiring people, images and dreams.

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