Thursday, 25 August 2011

When one closes, another one opens.....

Dress: Zara Belt: Vintage Shoes: Vintage Watch: Vintage I have just returned from my family home away from home in Malta- I cannot explain how much I love that place, it is just so beautiful, picturesque and quaint- the kind of place you could imagine a romantic comedy involving middle aged hotties and a holiday romance to take place! I spotted this door whilst on a day trip in the neighbouring town of Birgu (I have a slight obsession with doors) and I just had to have my picture taken in front of it- just so happens that the blue contrasted with my dress perfectly- This dress is one of those things that you buy because it is perfect in every way but instantly know will only ever really be appropriate for holidays- mainly due to the thigh high slits and the near see-through material. I spent a wonderful seven days with my sister and two of my best friends (one of which pain stakingly followed me around in the blazing sun taking photo's- thank you Azin!!) And my parents joined us in the last couple of days, it was the perfect week, doing the perfect things with perfect people *GUSH*

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