Friday, 12 August 2011

An outfit to remember....

I have just re-visited the 1957 classic 'An affair to remember' and it is just such an enchanting film - not just because of the impossibly romantic story-line and the fact that Cary Grant is the definition of a 'dream boat' (can we still use that phrase?) but Deborah Kerr's outfits are to. die. for. Beautiful, feminine yet still in-keeping with the visionary's of the time, empowering woman with their sexuality and understated take on it. In the opening scene Kerr dons a tan, taupe and tangerine chiffon floor length number accompanied by a Tangerine cape-like constricted coat. This outfit is so far ahead of it's time in both shape and colour that it just goes to show that classic materials, shapes and shades never loose their appeal. The next outfit that had me reeling was the safari type silk, shin-length dress with matching trench. I mean if there was ever such a thing as a capsule wardrobe then surely this woman owns 70% of it. Furs, hats, gowns and pink champagne ensue and the whole film made me fall in love all over again. It is no wonder that Charles Le Maire won an Oscar for the costumes in this film, Were he to design the costumes for my life, I too believe I would lead an impossibly romantic existence.

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