Friday, 12 August 2011

Second Skin...

Devastatingly my camera (Also known as Big Joe) has taken a tumble :( This news is obviously extremely painful and he is with the camera-doc as we speak, should be back within 7-10 days. That may as well be 7-10 years.. but at least he is in good hands. Prepare to be inundated with a plethora of outfit posts upon his return, But until then I shall just post the things I have been meaning to but have not due to getting side tracked.... Firstly: Some pictures from a recent editorial in Schön! Magazine entitled 'Skin Ink', shot by Diego Indraccolo & Pok U Chan I love this series because it not only champions the female form - check the special attention paid to the 'Lady Garden' with the embellished chiffon-esk effects- keeping it classy and tasteful whilst still remaining pretty obvious that the eye is to be drawn here- a new twist on nudity and the connotations that are usually associated with it by covering the women in Skin clothes- inspired. The fact that it is also so current, tapping into AW trends, Stars, Bondage, Romantic chiffon, Tribal.. whether or not this was deliberate is irrelivant, it just shows the broad audience this specific shoot has appealed to. All of this is achieved whilst still holding the interest and fantastical aspect of the editorial.. like a Tim Burton style fairytale coupled with Alexander McQueen. Every time I look at them I see something new.

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