Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Little cheats...

Shoes: Primark Trousers: Zara Bag: Vintage Shirt: Primark Necklace: Butler and Wilson Nothing like a savvy bargain to pick you up on a rainy September afternoon. These shoes are possibly the single most fabulous thing I have ever found for under £20. Primark is not normally my first port of call when shopping- pleather is only ever acceptable when married with the names of Stella McCartney or vintage - but Primark have a new 'edits' line that I have been passing for the last few weeks and noticed this shirt and these shoes, bagged them for under £40. The shoes made me especially happy because they are a insanely similar to that of the AW11 Gucci and Lanvin stilettos, Result. Yes, this is the same necklace that has been keeping my neck company for the past few weeks, but it is turned around as the pearls have mirrored backs- genius! Wearing a whole outfit of the same colour in contrasting tones is something that I always find empowering, having the audacity to not only match your accessories but all other garments as well- living on the edge!!! Teal is a firm favourite of mine and Plum lipstick by Givenchy adds to the 40's glam, although constant application to ensure clean lines is a bitch!

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