Thursday, 8 September 2011

Me and you, just us two..

images via Madonna is not someone I generally pay a lot of attention to, not for any particular reason (it does annoy me how she completely refuses to wear age appropriate attire, but hey if I have a body like that at her age, I can't promise I won't do the same!) Her new movie and latest directorial venture 'W.E' has just made me go all a quiver. Costumes designed by the painfully inspirational Arianne Phillips- 'Wallk the line' and 'A single man' - need I say more? The outfits are perfection- quintessentially British but also glamorous and luxe. Homage to the socially elite of the 40's- manor houses and cocktail hour whilst . Every look is impeccable and completely in- tune with the feminine vibe of late, where its ok to wear red lipstick to take the dog for a walk and pin curls for breakfast. It is no big secret that I am marginally obsessed with the 40's- impeccable tailoring, clean, feminie lines, texture, texture, texture- and beautifully chic. Cannot wait to see this flick, even if just to covet the clothing.

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