Thursday, 6 October 2011

Gasp, Gasp, Gush, Gush...

images via Sarah Burton takes my breath away. I literally gasped when I saw the SS12 collection at Paris Fashion week. After the tragic death of Alxander McQueen, Burton showed that she was more than fit for the job with her SS11 collection- but this season- Burton has pushed the boundaries and produced a collection that would make McQueen not only proud but brimming. So beautifully intricate, ornate and unconventional. The gimp mask and armour paired with delicate beading and lace is something not many would think to put together, but one it is, it seems ludicrous that someone hasn't before now! Every gown is a fairytale and every mini dress- something I can imagine Lady GaGa donning to an awards ceremony, or just to take out the rubbish- appropriate or not, this collection is absolutely, awe inspiringly divine.

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