Tuesday, 6 December 2011

My old flame...

Polo neck: Primark Jumper: Zara Trousers: Zara Bag: Milan Shoes: Jimmy Choo Anyone who had a mother of a cold disposition (I mean temperature wise, not emotionally) will have been subjected to the old 'polo neck under a jumper' trend. My mother put me in thermals under thermals when I was younger and Celine's revival of this look had me all nostalgic about my childhood. Not only practical but also a wonderful way to wear two of your favourite jumpers at the same time! genius! These shoes are my four -year-old Jimmy Choos from a Selfridges Christmas sale in 2007, these sales are worth it I'm telling you!! A third of their normal price, these little beauties have that mannish brogue feel I love so dearly whilst maintaining some glamour with the metallic finish and a subtly spiked heel. Price- per- wear never did me so well. I'm a bit of a clothes schizophrenic, I go from lady- like lover to strong willed mannish in my appearance changing from day-to-day. My boyfriend says I act 'the part' of whatever I am wearing that day- that's the point is it not? to be able to portray how you're feeling or how you want to feel through what you're wearing. That's why we all love the clothes after-all- the uncensored feeling behind them and the ability to express your true, inner self.

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