Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Bright and bold...

Bag: Kurt Geiger
Blazer: Zara
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Dune
Shirt: Zara

For those of you who are regular visitors (Thank you!) you will be very well versed in my on going battle with having a tidy bag or "refining my bag crap" as I like to call it. I blogged about it here with this Hermes beauty, expressing the need for me to reorganise my over complicated clutch and streamline it's contents and in turn, my life.
Enter new purchase- Kurt Geiger. KG have these wonderful little clutch bags for a thrifty £25- I couldn't resist buying one for that price! Not only does it mean I have to put aforementioned bag crap refinement into practice, it also answers the problems I face with bag/ outfit competition.
I love a good 'eclectic chic' look but I don't like my garments to fight for attention- they're all special and deserve their own spotlight- So, as I was wearing quite a loud outfit I wanted a bag that complimented it- a subtle nod to the colours I was wearing whilst still maintaing a bit of individuality with its see-thru wonderfulness.
Thank you Kurt Geiger- just goes to show, if you pray hard enough the fashion gods answer you!


  1. One of my purchases of the year so far, massive bargain, my mum seems to think i could have picked one up at the pound shop though, mothers!

    1. Great minds my dear, great minds! My mother was completely indifferent about it with an, 'oh, it looks like a pencil case' ... She already thinks I'm a loon! Xx

  2. You look so beatufil- I LOVE the colour combination here x

  3. You look wonderful, but your best accessory here is your smile :) xx

  4. I am so inspired by your outfit :)
    I have that shirt and also bought the KG clutch a few weeks ago and are yet to use it.

  5. Thank you Leah- the clutch is so versatile it goes with so many pieces- glad I could help- obviously we have the same taste ;) xx

  6. The shoes with the trouser, what a perfect colour combination!!

  7. I love this combination of color!