Sunday, 4 March 2012

Best in show...

I recently wrote a "Get the look" fashion feature for The Sunday Sun- the write up was inspired by a fashion show I went to on Thursday night at Cruise- a high end store with an affinity for luxury brands.
The show was of their new SS12 collection in a salon type viewing- it was rather wonderful and very chic- with champagne and macaroons on tap (did someone call ahead and tell them I was coming? As these just so happen to be two of my favourite things- needless to say I took full advantage.)
They were showing Victoria Beckham, Nicole Farhi, Alexander McQueen, D&G, Versus and Gucci.
Obviously I came out with a shopping list as long as my arm, and Just as equally unattainable- price-per-wear ratio isn't as easily justifyed on a dress for £3,567... so with this in mind I picked a few of my favourite pieces from the High street that channel the SS trends featured in the show.

I wore a skirt I found in Londons thiriving vintage scene, a breton top from French connection, Zara navy blazer and my green louboutins- I promise I will stop wearing this bag soon, the poor thing is exhibiting some serious signs of wear and tear, it's just that it goes with everything, I kid you not, EVERYTHING.


  1. Feature looks great bowden and i love that you picked M&S and Primark like you said :) you look so cute and summery in the floral skirt...what has happened to the weather now!?!x

  2. and i hope you are now following :p

  3. Hahah of course- although I'm letting out all our secrets ;) twicetheblog- following fo sho- are you?? Xx

  4. Really cool blog, I just became a follower through friend connect :)

    If you want, you're more than welcome to go by my blog and do the same :)

  5. You look adorable, I want more picturess! :)

    Nora Finds