Saturday, 3 March 2012


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Balmain AW12 was like some sort of Fabergé fuled dream... I'm still trying to process it.
Quilted embordery was the order of the day from Rousteing, this kind of detail is not for the faint haerted- some intense needle work went into these numbers!
Ignoring for a moment the fact that bodycon and I are not currently on speaking terms, one can't help but admire the intricacy these dresses demanded- it is astounding.
The colours that have been channelled for this collection remind me of renaissance France, a sort of 'Royal chambers' decore, but for the body, taking 'wearing art' to a whole new level- absolutely exquisit.
Ye old faithful Balmain box jacket was back but with an oversized edge and detailing that, even for Rousteing's standards, was remarkable and inspired.
You know who wants velvet pants? me. I have loved this look ever since I was a young girl- purple velvet boot cuts were my thing- there is not nearly enough of this around and I am loving the fact that leather and velvet are a perfectly acceptable coupling... if I then added a smoking jacket to the mix, would that be a step too far?

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