Thursday, 22 March 2012


By request (and a not so subtle threat) from my big sister, my boyfriend and I have entered 'Britain's most stylish couple' in association with Glamour magazine. Now I feel a bit silly doing this, I hate 'competitions' for fashion as I don't believe it's anyone's place to judge self expression what with fashion being so subjective but hey, it's a chance to take pictures with my beau (he hates his photo being taken!!) My boyfriend is easily the most stylish man I know, he puts together colour combinations that lesser men would recoil at, such a rarity it is to find a man with such an acute sense of personal style! I feel proud every time I walk next to him as the way he dresses completely reflects him as a person; beautiful, inspirational and immaculate without trying too hard. Click on this link to 'like' the picture and vote for us :) Thank you xxx


  1. awwww you look amazing together :) both really stylish. I like it too, when men get dressed nice.... and I am going to vote for you :)

  2. I've literally looked through all the couples photos on Facebook and you two look the best. Nice to see you've both gone for a kooples style.
    Best of luck you both look wonderful together.

  3. Thank you so much ladies, it means a lot! There is some stiff competition but either way, it was nice to get some good photos together :) xx