Monday, 19 March 2012


Sorry for the recent lack of posting, I have been snowed under with work, work, work- not that I'm complaining, I love being busy!
In the wake of fashion month I am left feeling somewhat empty - I fear I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms from that little notification I got to my inbox every day with the new collections- In light of this I have decided to go through archives of collections past and will be posting some of my favourite looks- You've got to revisit history in order to inspire the future!
I have also been spending time on my sister blog TWICETHEBLOG- for those of you not aware, let me tell you a little bit about it:
It is a joint venture with my best friend of 13 years, Lisa Marshall- she is a fellow blogger, fashion lover and creative creature. We are kindred spirits when it comes to fashion and so much of our time is spent discussing our favourite designers, inspirations and all things beautiful that we decided to join forces! I don't know quite why it has taken so long (but the best things always do right?) The blog is comprised of our personal style and how we can dress in completely different clothes (sometimes the same) and still manage to arrive at the same place- often looking like it was planned (It isn't, just incase you're wondering).
I love the bones of this girl and our blog, if nothing else, is a perfect example of our shared inspirations, passion and friendship- hope you enjoy!!

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